About Us

  1. A hard black stone, such as jasper or basalt, formerly used to test the quality of gold or silver by comparing the streak left on the stone by one of these metals with that of a standard alloy.
  2. An excellent quality or example that is used to test the excellence or genuineness of others.

We believe in two excellent qualities to guide us through everything we do.

1 The Quality of people
2 The Quality of Service
The belief that every person must be treated with Honesty, Respect and with regard for his or her personal dignity.
The belief that we will prosper only by continuously meeting and exceeding the ever-changing expectations of our clients.

Some of the benefits why you would want to use our services:

  • We find you the most qualified people readily available, when they are needed, for as long as they are needed.
  • We interview, references and ensure candidates meet your requirements prior to recommending them to you.
  • We provide superior candidates and give exemplary service from experienced, knowledgeable, non-commissioned recruiters.
  • We include an open and honest costing alternative and give you full control of pay entitlement, as you deem appropriate.
  • We are an employment service provider that reflects a positive image of your organization.

    Please feel free to contact us to learn how TouchStone Personnel Inc. can be of service to your company.